Santons Marcel Carbonel 


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Colors :
the manufacturing of gouaches and the decoration.

the Gouaches

The gouaches (water colours) are all prepared in our workshop

The colours are all prepared in our workshops. The pigments are crushed with water using Arabic adhesives. Gouaches that we manufacture constitute a single, preserved product range: The product range of the Marcel Carbonel Workshops. Each figurine has its own pallet and reference model, complying faithfully with the original model. he gouache, even if it requires certain precautions in the handling of the subjects to which it is applied, offers a depth of colour impossible to obtain with any other paint (acrylic, for example). It is applied to the brush, in a single layer only. Marcel Carbonel chose gouache from his very first creations, faithful to an already secular tradition. The Marcel Carbonel Workshops maintain this technique with the same conviction.

the Decoration

The colours are delicately laid on terracotta. A slow and meticulous life work. According to series and to colours.

The faces acquire expression, the draped become more refined, and the blouses are covered in the colours of Provence. A Farandole of flowers, fruits, vegetables and fish bursts in the sunshine. Poetry then gushes forth from inspiration. It is fed by thousands of observed and garnered details. A long period of observation which slowly imprints this moment, this glance, this gesture, and the harmony of fabrics into the memory of the Santon craftsman. A continuous search, in the manner of improvising poets whose expert wanderings made it possible to capture, in images and in rhymes, the life of people who thus entered into legend..

Le travail à la table...
et en couleurs