Santons Marcel Carbonel 


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the Charter

The creation of each model designed was developed by Marcel Carbonel, Philippe Renoux-Carbonel (grandson), or by the workshops thus guaranteeing the longevity, the quality and the notoriety of the label "Santons Marcel Carbonel"

The mode of reproduction of each one of our models is carried out according to the artisanal technique of the mould known as " impression " according to the original work, by hand without the use of any machine.

Each piece is unique and is fired at 980 °C in the ovens of our workshops in Marseilles.

All decorations of the Santons and accessories are done exclusively by hand using gouaches manufactured in our workshops in Marseilles.

the "Marcel Carbonel" signature

Each piece is signed Marcel CARBONEL (MC for the smaller figures) and, as it is stamped in the mass, it carries an indelible label under the base indicating its origin.

"Marcel Carbonel®" and "Santons Marcel Carbonel®" are trademarks.

the assurance of quality

Each piece is checked at each stage of the production (moulding, firing, decoration, storage) and is rejected if there is the slightest sign of any defect.